Prof. Dr. Mitsuyasu Yabe
Lab. of Environmental Economics
Dept. of Ag. & Resource Economics
Faculty of Agriculture
Kyushu University
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744 Motooka Nishi-ku,
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About Us

The Laboratory of Environmental Economics is one of the sections of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. It was established in 19_. 

As a research and education unit, our laboratory focuses on themes that illustrate the interaction of food production and the environment, management and conservation of natural resources, energy use and production, health and the quality of life, and strengthening of a recycle-based society. Our faculty and students have been involved in the study of agri-environmental policy, development of economic valuation methods for environmental and welfare-services, socio-economic research of bioenergy, institution building for agriculture system maintenance and market valuation using instruments to generate novel values.

We continuously work to expand the coverage of our studies and the impact of our research by creating linkages and working closely with other academic institutions, government agencies, local communities and private organizations in Japan and worldwide. These complement formal classroom training and provide our students immersion in various aspects of environmental economics at different levels.

Our laboratory is committed to dynamic leadership in research and in catalyzing professionals who will contribute to the study of the socio-economic facets of the environment for the sustainability of gains we derive from it and the safeguarding of the services we freely benefit from it today and for generations to come.  

News & Events

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Baseball Competition at Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics
On May 29th, the baseball competition is held between five laboratories of the department. The team menbers of Kankyo should get the fullover shirt at the lab room and please pay 1000 yen for Sako san. We welcome of lab menbers to jont and support Kankyo team. After the game, we will have a party at the department and the second one at lab. Thank you and enjoy!!!
Lab Group Picture at 12:30PM June 11th
Hi all, we will take to group picture for all of Kankyo menbers at 12:30PM June 11 at lab. Thank you!
What is the next event for us
Please advice!!! I will improve this page soon and give you more interesting things when you access to it. :)
Lab Group Picture at 12:30PM June 11th
Excursion to Yame City JA and Japanese Tea Culture Center
On September 4th, students and faculty members of the Faculty of Agriculture at Kyushu University